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NextMD Patient Portal

Next MD is a secure, HIPAA compliant consumer oriented healthcare Web site that provides you with a fast reliable and easy to use method of communicating with your doctor.  With NextMD, you can connect with San Antonio Arthritis Care Centers through a convenient and secure environment to:

  • Receive and review documents
  • Request prescription refills
  • Complete, submit, and review online forms
  • Complete, submit, and view Medical History forms
  • Request Personal Health Records (PHRs)
  • Request lab, xrays or other results/reports
  • Update account information

Next MD is a companion to our Electronic Health record, but does not directly access the record.  In order to obtain lab reports, xray reports or other PHR items, you must request them using the eMail feature of NextMD.  It is important that you utilize the eMail feature for only administrative or the most ROUTINE communications with our staff.  It SHOULD NOT be used for questions about urgent medical problems or for problems that will require some diagnostic activity.  Please keep in mind that our doctors cannot diagnose or treat conditions on the phone, nor by eMail.  Diagnosis and treatment is always a hands-on process and will require a visit to see the doctor.